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Our Team
We couldn't do what we do without our team being their quirky brilliant selves
If you are interested in working for us then please check out our jobs page.


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Mel Norman

CEO/Creative Director

Mel as a child wanted to be a writer, an inventor, and run a business. She is very proud that now she gets to do all three. She worked in film/TV production/interactive for many years. Then became the Co-Producer of the London Games Fringe and Director of Social Media Week London in 2011. Mel is also a graduate of The Golden Egg Academy for children's writers.

She also delivered training/consultancy on creating innovative products/services. She now gets to create her own things.

Mel is also a reiki master and also cooks like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets but sometimes with more singing.

"I'm good at causing mischief, telling stories, and asking odd questions. Seeing a child's face light up with joy brings me joy. Oh and going on mini-adventures."


Alison Norrington

Senior Narrative Designer/Writer

Alison is a writer/producer, experience designer and founder of Storycentral, a London-based global entertainment studio that incubates and develops ground-breaking properties, incubating new franchises, participative experiences and story architecture. She has worked with Disney Imagineering, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, NBC Universal, CBS Interactive, Schleich GmbH and Microsoft XBox.

"Causing mischief brings me joy and I love it when things change or go wrong - because the best lessons are from the stuff that goes wrong!!​ I'm really good at listening, (I'm also quite good at talking). When you listen you understand what makes people tick, and how best to connect with them."


Tara Boland

 Immersive Story Consultant

Tara is a writer, director and performer of comedy and theatre. Her special skills include designing immersive work for children, puppetry and improv comedy. She is currently the Associate Director at Punchdrunk Enrichment where she conceives, writes, and directs immersive shows and projects for children and young people.


"Dogs in outfits bring me joy and I'm really good at doing accents."


Mariano Torres Mendoza


Mariano records and mixes the audio for The PLANT Society experiences. When he was 18, he moved from Spain to England to study music and recently graduated from Anglia Ruskin University. He has worked on projects as a composer, music producer and performer including soundtracks for video games and an EP collaborating with colleagues as The Triple Act Band as well. He believes in always developing and learning both his skills as a musician and producer and all about new technologies.

“What brings me joy is playing music, video games, composing, traveling and exploring, and meeting new people as there are always so many things that you can learn from others. I’m good at: playing the guitar, using computers, adjusting to changes and sometimes cooking.”


Zareena Subhani

Educational Advisor

Zareena has loved being a teacher for over thirty years. She believes young people are brilliant, and are, at times, underestimated for their own uniqueness, creativity, and downright awesomeness! Her absolute passion is the power of words to change, to excite, and to illuminate. Zareena is a total bookworm and can bore for England about how much she LOVES poetry. Zareena writes children’s books and also works for Ministry of Stories as a Creative Writing Facilitator.


"I’m good at cheering people up; I’ve been told that I can usually get a smile out of most people. Now, there’s a challenge! I find joy in hanging out with my new puppy Donny, writing, sharpening all my coloured pencils."


Anna Gretton

Customer Service Experience

Anna loved projects as a child and was thrilled to realise you could do that for a job when you 'grow up'. She has been recently working in Argos Head Office improving customer experience both online and in-store. Anna also loves learning about what needs exist behind all of our choices, words, and behaviours. She believes in nourishing what energises you and taking opportunities that feel right.

“I'm good at sensing other people's feelings and what they might need. It brings me joy to feel a genuine connection with someone, and to see the world through my kids' eyes, they are the best teachers of how to enjoy life!”


Sam Haines

Project Coordinator

Before working as a Project Coordinator for us, Sam previously worked on projects for Icebreaker One and the Open Data Institute. Sam has special skills connecting details in a project to allow her colleagues to focus on the work they do best. When Sam was a child she wanted to be an artist. Some grown-ups told her she couldn’t do that, but when she became a grown-up herself, Sam realised you can be whoever you want to be, especially if it makes you happy. So now Sam also works as a visual artist.


"Being colourful and getting messy with paint brings me lots of joy, and so does encouraging kids and adults to enjoy their own creativity. I'm also good at writing poetry, decorating cakes and face painting."

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