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Our Story...

Have you ever seen a person doing something      they love so much that they shine bright? 




So full of joy that it lights up those around them too?


Amazing to witness, isn’t it? That is why we do what we do.


We create stories, games, and innovative experiences that entertain and enable children to shine bright by using their own unique, quirky, and brilliant skills.


In our stories and experiences, unique skills are celebrated and used to stop villains who are determined to spread fear and take over our towns and cities.

When Mel was smaller she knew she wanted to be a writer. She lived in her imagination and wrote stories all the time.


When she wasn’t writing she would invent things and dreamt that one day she would write, make things and build her own business.


Mel flourished because she had a few teachers who supported her; teachers who themselves shone bright because they were doing what they loved. 


But as Mel got older, others made her doubt her dreams and told her she would need a ‘proper job’.

Once she graduated, Mel worked freelance in film, TV, interactive media, and technology. 


She’s worked on great innovative projects for the BBC, The London Games Festival Fringe, and UNESCO among many more. She also continued to write screenplays and stories.

Mel is also passionate about meditation and reiki.


But in the back of her mind, she worried that she still didn’t have a ‘proper job’.


As an adult, Mel noticed children were losing confidence in themselves and not believing in their talents and dreams. She wanted to do something to help that used story to entertain as well as empower children. So in 2020,  Mel set up Playable Studios with the help and support of Innovate UK and Connecting Cambridgeshire’s ERDF fund.


After all, most of our team have all had jobs that didn’t even exist when we were younger. So, we don’t know what careers will exist when our children’s generation grows up!


But what we can do is help children discover what they love and enjoy doing and celebrate their skills however quirky they are.


Because when they shine bright, it not only impacts themselves but also impacts their whole world.


P.S Mel is now a writer, and inventor (of innovative games and experiences) and runs her own company. 

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Smaller Mel

Where it all started.

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