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Operation Tricking Miss Trout
  • Operation Tricking Miss Trout

    Perfect for family time and game nights, small birthday parties, and play dates!

    Easy and quick to set up.  Just download, print and play.


    For the price of one adult cinema ticket you can have a fun secret agent experience for everyone.



    Agent Willow needs the kids help on a Secret Agent Operation!

    We think a letter containing the secret location of their next villain meeting was sent the wrong address.


    Guess what? It has been delivered to you!


    Guided by Agent Willow’s voice messages, can the kids trick the villain's assistant, Miss Trout, to go to the wrong meeting location?



    In this play once secret agent experience, kids and a stealthy grown up work together using their wit and skills to trick a villain’s assistant all from the kitchen/dining room table!


    The story based activities have been specifically designed for kids aged 6-10 to help improve confidence and empower them to lead the way. Rather than doing hard puzzles we focus on decoding, drawing, and things to boost imagination and creativity, collaboration and some other super stealth learning too!


    Guided by Agent Willow, kids will decode a picture code, draw and display a poster to enlist the help of an nearby Agent, ultimately tricking Miss Trout by sending her to the wrong meeting location.

    And the best bit, it all feels like the kids are on a secret agent operation!


    The experience also doesn’t contain or encourage the use of violence or weapons



    • Ages 6-10

    • Ideal for 1-3 children, perfect for small birthday parties and playdates too!

    • Stealth adult involvement required :-)

    • Easy and quick to set up ( 5-7 mins)

    • Play lasts 40 mins to 1 hr*

    • Print at home (2 sheets of paper)


    *play duration varies depending on the number of children taking part; a longer game is expected where more children are involved.


    Created by an award-winning team who have worked with BBC, Disney, Punchdrunk Enrichment, and Endemol.


    *If you want to play but are based outside the United Kingdom, then please visit our Etsy store. 

    • How it works

      Partnering with a fun adult (you!), we mix audio, paper materials, to create an interactive story full of activites for the kids.

      • Step 1. Buy and download files
      • Step 2. Set up the experience without the kids seeing (5- 7mins)
      • Step 3. Play! (40-60 mins)
    • What you need to play

      • Access to a printer (to print 2 sheets of paper for the experience) 
      • Good internet access via smartphone

      • A few pencils, colouring pencils, sticky tape and 3-4 sheets of paper. One envelope (optional)

      • Scissors (used by the grown up to set up to play)

      • Bag or box to put pens etc in (handy, but optional)

      • A table to play at

    • What you'll get

      After purchase you'll get a link to access:

      • Instructions 

      • A printable pdf invitation for the kids 

      • A printable pdf letter document 

      • Link to access short audio messages which tell the story in real time. These are accompanied by written instructions.

      • A debrief email will be sent 15 minutes after the experience finishes to tell you that you successfully tricked the villain’s assistant. The email also includes some goodies for the kids including their agent membership card!

      The joy of the experience is likely to last for a while - many of our playtesters went on to use the materials from the game to play their own secret agent games. 

    • Why Parents Love Us

      Why Parents Love Us

      • Agents use their wits and skills rather than weapons or violence
      • Loads of fun
      • Easy to set up for parents
      • Minimises screens
      • No gender bias
      • You don’t have to wait for a turn like in board games
      • Doesn’t take too long to play
      • Challenges stereotyping
      • Contains tons of skills
      • Colourful materials


      Our products contain stealth learning

      • Teamwork
      • Problem-solving
      • Mindfulness
      • Self-discovery
      • Creativity
      • Imagination
      • Accepting making mistakes
      • Self-accomplishment
      • Asking questions
      • Critical thinking


      Benefits of playing our secret agent experiences

      • Story-based means kids engage deeper and for longer
      • Creates an appetite for more learning via ‘agent training’ 
      • Children get a feeling of accomplishment 
      • Spending time connecting with the important kids in your life
      • Kids learn a ton of skills
      • They try things they wouldn’t normally try, as they take their agent role seriously!

       The knock-on effect is amazing, even an hour after playing the game they are still talking about it and playing secret agents! Parent

       No favourite bit it was
    all amazing!

    -Trainee secret agent

       When is the next agent meeting? I want to do
    it again! 

    rainee secret agent

       The girls were totally engaged in their task with
    a little help from an agent, audio messages, and a mysterious envelope 
    appearing on the doorstep


       The clear instructions
    made it really easy to
    set up to play. 

    If you play within 7 days of purchase and your kids didn't like it then drop us an email to tell us why so we can make things better and we will give you your money back.

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    If you want to play but are outside the UK, then please visit our Etsy store.

    Have fun playing together with our table-based secret agent experience,
    Operation Tricking Miss Trout.

    P.S Contains stealth learning too!

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