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Have tons of fun with our quick-to-set up, secret agent experiences.
Make memorable and easy birthday parties, playdates and family time!

P.S also contains stealth learning! 

 We entertain and empower 6-10 year olds with our fun games, experiences and stories.
And make things a little easier for parents.  

Our vision is for every child to be their magnificent, wonderful selves on their journey of self-discovery but we do this through fun and entertainment.

Operation Tricking Miss Trout,
An at-home Secret Agent Experience

A villain has written a top secret letter to their assistant. It contains the secret location of their next villain meeting. But it's been sent to the wrong address! Guess what?

It has been delivered to you.

Now, can you help to trick Miss Trout to go to the wrong meeting location? You’ll be guided by Agent Willow and his voice messages, to decode the letter, and contact an Agent nearby.

At home secret agent materials for Operation Tricking Miss Trout

Our secret agent experiences are:




Quick and easy to set up.







Table-based -  We use a mobile phone for the messages but all the good stuff happens around the table.





Opportunities for a fun stealth adult to play together with the kids in their life.




Contains stealth learning




Free of weapons or violence



Can be done from home.

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I was ecstatic about how engaged the kids were.
They were fully into it, and can't wait for the next one!
 - Parent Communication Officer

When is the next secret agent meeting? I want to do it again! - Trainee Secret Agent

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Quotes from parents

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Why play our at-home Secret Agent Experiences?

Creates family memories doing something that fun and different together.

Contains tons of stealth learning including teamwork, problem-solving, mindfulness, creativity, and imagination.


Empowers childrens' self discovery about their own quirky brilliant skills and they save the day!

We donate 10% of our profit to organisations that help children and trees grow.

 Playtesters for our second new 'play at home' secret agent experience.

What we do
We create fun secret agent games, experiences, and books to entertain and empower. 6-10-year-olds.
Our vision is to entertain and empower children on their journey of self-discovery so each child can be their magnificent, wonderful selves.

And to provide lots of memorable cheeky fun for family time, games nights,
playdates and small birthday parties. 

10% of our profits go to organisations that help both children and trees to grow. 
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We do this by:

Enabling children to discover and recognise what they are good at.



Our unique agent training helps them figure out how what they love and are good at.   

Offering inspiration by showing how unique, wonderful skills can make a difference in the world.


Have you ever seen a secret agent stop a villain from causing fear by making animal sounds?

We have. 

Giving them opportunities to learn tons of new stuff like teamwork, problem-solving and creative thinking, all while having fun!

Our secret agent operations are full of stealth learning.

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