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This is Operation Driver Distraction Step 3. This is the Map Decoy Task. Listen to the message below and follow the instructions.
Read After Listening
Task: 15 minutes -Use a pencil and rubber.
  • Find a place on the map far away from the POST BOX to send him to, and draw a circle around that.
  • Take it in turns to draw lines on the streets he should drive on to get him from the SPORTS CENTRE to your chosen location using the longest journey possible. When you reach a corner on the map, give the pen over to the next person to draw the next line.
  • BUT one of you, WRITE DOWN or DRAW what building is on the corner if you turn and whether you are turning left or right. This will be needed later.
  • Press ‘Done’ when you’re finished.
  • Once again, get your Communications Officer to keep an eye on the time.
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