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Beta Testing - F.A.Q's

How is it different than normal playtesting?

With normal playtesting, we book in a time and record you playing the experience and then ask you some questions afterwards. With beta testing, you play on your own and then fill out a short survey afterwards.

Do we have to play it on the dates you mentioned?

Yes please :-). We need to collect all the feedback by our deadline in order to make sure our release is not delayed.

How will you collect information during the beta testing?

We collect the minimum personal data to manage your consent and run the beta test.

Information will be collected via the online sign-up form and a short online survey following your play experience.  The information asked for will include,

  • Your name and email address

  • The ages (not dates of birth) of children playing

  • Whether you are the parent/guardian of the children playing

  • Questions about the experience.

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